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Denise M. | Oregon City, Oregon

October 16 2017 Bark busters rating

Lisa is incredible! She is so patient and kind. She is so knowledgeable. We noticed immediate results. Our dogs were so well behaved and looked to us as their leaders. We love how natural this training seems and so gentle on the dogs. Lisa makes the training enjoyable. I would and have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends. Thank you for giving us the confidence and peace of mind we needed!

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Tawnya P. | Oregon City, Oregon

October 12 2016 Bark busters rating

Lisa was very good at demonstrating the techniques and coaching us on how to follow the techniques better. Our puppy has calmed down and gotten better about listening to us. And Hank is more enjoyable to be around! The techniques were simple to follow. It was just harder to change our habits than to train the dogs. (took a little longer) The training kept our attention and gave us tons of hands on experience. We like how it was tailored to our needs versus going to a class. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Plus it's tailored to your needs with a dog vs. a class that you have to fit into. The staff is very good about getting back to us in a timely manner when a question comes up. Plus the fact that they send you an email to check on your progress and answer questions if any have come up. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters! Thanks!

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Laura F. | Beaverton, Oregon

June 27 2016 Bark busters rating

This was a wonderful training experience! We saw great results! Lisa was a wonderful therapist and was attuned to Ruby's behavioral issues which made it easy to help Ruby improve. (and me too!) The techniques were very easy to understand. I saw immediate results and Ruby is much more relaxed and confident. She is eager to please, so the natural training made it easy. It was very nice to observe the improvement, and the atmosphere was relaxed during the training sessions. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters!

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Christine D. | Beaverton, Oregon

March 29 2016 Bark busters rating

This has been a life changer for us! Our dogs seem so much calmer and happier even after just one session! I feel more in control of how to care for my dogs and how to be a leader. This has helped us limit negative behaviors and teach our dogs the "rules" of the house. Lisa explained everything very well and answered questions in a very detailed way. Our dogs now bark less and everyone is happier!

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Karen A. | Tigard, Oregon

December 1 2015 Bark busters rating

Lisa did a great job showing me and also letting me do the training. Since I have two dogs, one learned faster than the other, but both are doing some things very well. I was pleased with the natural training techniques because I do not like to do anything that frightens or hurts my dogs. I found the training both interesting and enjoyable. Some days it is more difficult, but overall it's good. Most of my friends love their dogs as much as I do, so I will be recommending Bark Busters. I'm looking forward to further training!


Vida F. | Beaverton, Oregon

November 11 2015 Bark busters rating

Lisa is very personal. Spending so much time with me on her first visit made me feel important. She wants us to be successful! Definitely saw immediate results both from my dog Sydney and from me, too. I feel more confident handling my dog. I appreciate how the training is not treat driven. It's about leadership and showing Sydney who's in control. The training was interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to it every day. I'm so happy I connected/found the Holzers!

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Erin L. | Milwaukie, Oregon

October 28 2015 Bark busters rating

In just one session we noticed a significant change! We will be recommending Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors!

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Lisa T. | Tualatin, Oregon

September 21 2015 Bark busters rating

From the first phone conversation I had with Al, I felt there was hope for our dogs' behavior. Both Al and Lisa exude a cheerful confidence and were very thorough explaining the Bark Busters approach - Day 1 we saw a marked improvement in our dogs !! We now have tools to use that are effective and humane - we look forward to each session. Love Lisa's creative ideas and willingness to listen, observe, take notes, and involve us in the process. We highly recommend Lisa and Al and Bark Busters!!

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Stephanie G. | Gladstone, Oregon

August 4 2015 Bark busters rating

Bark Busters has been the best thing that could have happened for us! I can now effectively communicate with my three dogs without the frustration I was feeling prior. Al and Lisa are excellent! I talked with Al on the phone first, and he gave me great information and insight on how the training will work. He even gave me a few tips to start! When Lisa came to our house, it was like a whole new world opened. She never once said our dog's behavior was MY fault which I was gearing up to hear. She simply explained dog behavior vs human behavior and I immediately relaxed. One training session was all it took to have the tools to start a better communication system with my dogs! We have had several sessions since, and I learn something new to use as a tool each time. I am very happy I found Bark Busters and Al and Lisa. They are so kind and very committed to helping people and dogs communicate in a family unit. Our lives are forever changed in the best way possible! Thank you both for everything!

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Michelle B. | Milwaukie, Oregon

May 20 2015 Bark busters rating

Very knowledgeable! I can't believe the difference in just one session! We will definitely be recommending Bark Busters!

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Susan M. | West Linn, Oregon

May 17 2015 Bark busters rating

It was miraculous! He's always been sweet and responsive, but now he's respectful. I was skeptical at not using treats, but what hadn't worked for two years, worked without treats in 24 hours! Chaucer's leash aggression made us both unhappy. I am so thankful to see him starting to relax and enjoy his time outdoors. I have already recommended Bark Busters!

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Lisa M. | Aloha, Oregon

November 17 2014 Bark busters rating

Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I saw noticeable results by the end of the first session and was pleased with the natural techniques that were used. And I'm pleased that a payment plan was offered!

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Forrest and Cindy S. | Beaverton, Oregon

November 16 2014 Bark busters rating

It was a great experience! Our dogs responded well and are already behaving better!

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Maegan T. | Oregon City, Oregon

November 1 2014 Bark busters rating

Everything made sense and the dogs responded well to Lisa and the training she taught us. I saw results right away, but the hardest part is not allowing the dogs to slowly start leading me again. I like that the training is natural and follows their natural instincts. The training makes sense and is very humane. I have determined dogs and being so pregnant, it was not easy. But they have truly improved and we celebrate each little win!

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Tom O. | West Linn, Oregon

September 16 2014 Bark busters rating

Lisa makes sure we understand each of her techniques and explains why. We were amazed how much improvement our dog was showing after the very first session! We will be recommending Bark Busters to our family and friends.

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Katie and David L. | Beaverton, Oregon

August 20 2014 Bark busters rating

Lisa explained the training techniques, was easy to follow, and the leave behind material is great. Diesel seems to show off for the teacher, but he shows comprehension after each session. We love not having to carry treats around. He doesn't always respond to the natural methods (i.e. growling), but the squirt never fails. We have learned a lot and it's gratifying to see the immediate response from Diesel with the exercises. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters! We were so worried Diesel was going to be more than we could handle. You guys have been lifesavers! The last thing we wanted was to maybe have to return him to the breeder, but we are confident now that he is a permanent addition to the family!

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Judy B. | Oregon City, Oregon

August 13 2014 Bark busters rating

Lots of information was new to us and definitely made an impact on our training efforts. We saw immediate results but have a ways to go. I think "our" habits made the biggest initial change. We were absolutely pleased with the natural training techniques. We feel Heidi "understands" us so much better and we love the "no treats" approach. (that got us nowhere!)

The training experience was very interesting. It may be primarily for Heidi's benefit, but we sure are getting a good workout too! Our neighbors "raved" about Bark Busters (Lisa) and we're finding out for ourselves that this is the right approach and are thoroughly loving the progress. We'd recommend Bark Busters in a heart beat. Wish we'd followed through with you 2 years ago!

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Steve W. | Oregon City, Oregon

August 1 2014 Bark busters rating

Lisa fully explained the training techniques. We noticed Dudley was more obedient on the very first day! We are very pleased and found the training interesting and enjoyable. We have recommended Bark Busters to both family and friends. Lisa really cut to the chase about me needed to lead Dudley and not the other way around!

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Tania P. | Oregon City, Oregon

April 27 2014 Bark busters rating

Lisa is a very patient trainer. She provides wonderful explanations and techniques. I love Bark Busters techniques. I do not have to use shock collars anymore! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Thank you so much for teaching Chris and I the skills to maintain well balanced, behaved, and happy dogs!

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Madeline R. | Wilsonville, Oregon

March 26 2014 Bark busters rating

I saw tremendous improvement with all four dogs after the first lesson! They all quit crowding the front door which has always been a problem for me. I have two reactive females and with lots of work, their reactivity has reduced by about 60%. I am hoping and expecting they will get to a point where we can be relaxed passing other dogs on leash. I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors.

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Lauren P. | Wilsonville, Oregon

January 26 2014 Bark busters rating

Lisa was very easy to understand and I love the resources left with us so we could remember. Both our dogs have already improved with walking on the leash. I love how praise is enough of a reward without using any treats. The training session was fun and our dogs were exhausted! I would recommend Bark Busters because I can already tell this is going to really help our dogs and us to be a better pack.

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Madeline R. | Wilsonville, Oregon

January 3 2014 Bark busters rating

Just that one lesson and there's a huge difference! The dogs aren't crowding the door anymore. They're all waiting to go through doorways. The hotel maid knocked on the door and they stopped barking with one growl. I told them to stay and opened the door wide (although the maid had already walked away), but they didn't try to approach the door. They're all doing well on the leashes (for the most part). How important is it that their heads be behind my leg as opposed to the middle of their head being even with my leg? Because if that's okay, they're doing great with that too. I took them out two at-a-time on their first walk this morning for potty break and it was amazing. Bella's a different dog, although she's almost hesitant to even go potty. She does go after quit a bit of encouragement. I decided I should still take one-at-a-time with Kobi and Sebastian which I did starting with their mid-morning walk. I took them all to the park about noon and walked them individually and they all did very well. When she's with me, Kobi's reactivity is greatly diminished with the growls. I can't tell you what a huge difference it's already making. I'm so grateful!

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Erin F. | Lake Oswego, Oregon

December 6 2013 Bark busters rating

Lisa did a great job of reinforcing all the important points during the lesson. It took a few weeks to notice big differences, but Charlie responded to the "Bah" right away. After he "got it", his behavior changed dramatically! I liked that treats weren't used and we learned a lot that we didn't know! Thank you to Lisa and Al for being so great to work with our rescue dog Charlie.

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Brittany D. | Oregon City, Oregon

November 13 2013 Bark busters rating

Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I saw immediate results. Already Sarge's barking is easier to control.

The next day during leash training, both dogs remembered what to do. The training experience opened my eyes to the many new techniques. I've recommended Bark Busters already!

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Christie W. | West Linn, Oregon

July 8 2013 Bark busters rating

Lisa is wonderful - concise and patient! Our dog responded really well to these methods - this is just what we all needed! The training techniques are easy to remember and incorporate into our daily lives and routines. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable and I think our dog likes it too! We would definitely recommend Bark Busters.

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Shannon O. | Oregon City, Oregon

July 1 2013 Bark busters rating

I have always been a humane dog owner and cared for them like children. Barking and rushing to the front door and yard gate, running away when not tethered, refusing to come back when called, reaching up to the kitchen counter to investigate, jumping up for attention, etc. were normal dog behaviors to me. However, my neighbors were complaining about the barking and if I didn't keep food at the back of the kitchen counter, it would disappear. When on leash Pagoda (110lbs) would pull me. Additionally I would always fear dealing with the presence of other dogs or cats. I'VE HAD ENOUGH! When I saw the Bark Busters brochure at my vet, I asked the staff and they highly recommended the training. My first session with Lisa disclosed that I was not employing the proper techniques for correcting my dogs. With a leash and a few instructions from Lisa I could walk Pagoda without him pulling me..within just a few minutes. I could not believe the instantaneous difference! She introduced me to additional corrections for undesirable habits that I have been practicing. All are very effective. She also instructed me on how and when to praise good behavior. Now I have a good way to control my dogs without getting physical. On Lisa's second visit, we dealt with barking at the gate, keeping the dogs away from the front door visitor until permission is given. In the future I plan to recommend Bark Busters to anyone who will listen!

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Shannon Graham | Tualatin

April 3 2013

Lisa really took the time to explain and answer questions and remind me of the correct techniques. Calliope has a long way to go, but I was and continue to be impressed with what she has learned. I wouldn't ever have thought of the various training techniques and they have made a world of difference! Calliope can be a challenge at times, but I love working with her and seeing results. In-home training is so important and I am very pleased so far.

Tiffany Wallace Anderson | Tualatin

March 6 2013

I'm amazed at the results already! I only wish we had started our older dog Zoe earlier. I was very pleased with the natural training methods. I love the respectful way I'm now working with my dogs. Lisa is wonderful to work with! I appreaciate how she adjusts my technique so tactfully, that I often don't realize she's done it. She really listens to my needs and concerns and makes a plan to work with me accordingly!

Sue and Chris Hein | Tualatin

January 19 2013

Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Both dogs responded very well..even the puppy! Training is easy to learn and practice, but you have to practice. The difference in our dogs' behavior is like day and night. They are great dogs, now they behave great too!

Ashley Zweigart | Oregon City

December 14 2012

Everything was clear and explained well. The barking stopped almost at once! And all three dogs were no longer fixating on looking out the windows. I was hesitant with the growl at first, but it has served to be beneficial and no longer awkward. The training experience was very hands on. Being in our own home made it more comfortable for us and the dogs. We highly recommend Bark Busters. It's only been one visit, but Lisa was very welcoming and professional. She was very engaged and honestly seemed 100% committed to our needs and concerns. Her patience and warm demeanor was/is appreciated. We are very thankful and are looking forward to the journey ahead. THANK YOU!

Taylor Donnelly | Oregon City

December 10 2012

We sought out Bark Busters to avoid physical punishment, and we were 100% right to do so. We learned a lot in the most relevant setting - our home. All the questions we had - sometimes off-topic from the immediate discussion - were answered thoroughly and in specific, helpful detail. The results were like night and day between his initial unwillingness to allow guests and his eventual acceptance at the end of a few hours of training. Attentiveness training was especially helpful. Everyone who has seen Bert before and after even a single training session needs no additional recommendation. His growth speaks for itself!

Ashley Kroo | Aloha

December 4 2012

I thought you might like an update about Ratchet. He's doing spectacularly when I bring him to work, everyone loves him and he's minding me very well. He's actually sleeping at my feet under my tiny desk :) I even got the OK from by boss to bring him in every Monday, since that seems to be the day he freaks out. (I believe it's the garbage truck that comes that freaks him out, since he alerts to the dumpster trucks that stop by at work) I work at an industrial company so there are all kinds of potentially scary things for him, but he's been prancing through the workshop like he owns the place, even when all of the machines are going and making hissing sounds and thumping sounds and all the motorized forklifts go flying by. He spends most of his day sleeping next to my desk, and he's the first one to greet every single person who walks through the door like it's his personal office. Everybody loves him here and they all stop by to see him. I wanted to thank you again for everything you've done for us. Ratchet is like a completely different dog, he's so much more calm and I enjoy him so much more. Thank you for teaching me to be his leader and giving him guidance. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sharon Slaughter | Wilsonville

November 7 2012

Lisa gave a very comprehensive first session. I have a stubborn puppy who is fearful and needs a lot of work. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques. Thinking like a dog is a new concept for me. The training was very thorough and I would definitely recommend Bark Busters.

MaryJo Bianchina | Tualatin

October 30 2012

It took me awhile to understand the flow and how it all applies to my dogs - each step that I take from beginning to the end of the correction cycle. I have two dogs and there were results right away, attacking major problems with both dogs in good time. The natural training was educational and therefore easy to understand the nature of pack leadership and pack behavior. I had a great time learning. I love how Lisa loved my dogs and how serious she took it all. The training was consistent with how I am with my child...kind, loving, and logical. My house was a mess, but Lisa was kind and just worked around things. I wanted my house to be as normal as possible with lots of toys around. I will recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors!

Client in Tigard | Tigard

October 26 2012

Lisa takes the time to explain, encourage and coach. We learn more with every visit. We saw immediate results and our friends have told us that they see improvement as well. We now know how to approach our problem situations. We've already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. This has been a positive and fun experience for us and our dog.

Angie Schmidt | West Linn

September 27 2012

Al and Lisa are awesome. I don't write 5 star reviews very frequently but this is well deserved. My fiance and I called them when we moved in together and integrated our furry family of my 2 dogs (lab, golden) and his rambunctious 2 year old chocolate lab. Mine adjusted quickly, but his fluff ball had never moved and developed a bad case of anxiety due to all the changes. Which then slowly infected how the three interacted together, sigh. New unwanted behaviors included peeing in the house, barking at people, barking at other dogs, not listening, not coming on command, pulling on walks, and trying to attack anything that moved outside of what they thought was their front yard. It was intolerable and not how they were trained as puppies. Enter Bark Busters. We hired Bark Busters to look at all 3 dogs, the situation, and we welcomed the feedback.We learned that we let them do this to us as hard as it was to hear. We had to put a stop to these new behaviors and isolate the problems so that they could be retrained and walking peacefully in unison. So that meant correcting our behaviors as much as the dogs. The chocolate lab was identified the ringleader and she was the key to get the group under control. What has changed? Instead of barking - she grumbles softly. She tolerates strange dogs walking past from the balcony. She lets the doorbell ring without pitching a fit. We can almost pass another dog on a walk without her even looking at it. She sleeps during the day instead of howling. No more peeing in the house. I say when they sit, stay, come on command. I go through the door first, always. No destructive chewing. Minimal anxiety outside of the house. We have a ways to go as they are not perfect, but at least we can again go outside and not feel like we have to be on guard. There are moments when she still has anxiety but now we know what to do. What tools/techniques did they use? Well over 5 visits and 6 months later, we tried a lot of things including water bottles, stuffed animals on leashes, new leashes, long leashes, body positioning, growling, speaking authoritatively, walking together, body positioning ... and more and more and more. Each session we would talk about progress, what bad behaviors are still there, and try different techniques to get the right behavior. Best of all - it's all included in the initial price. Yep, one fee, guaranteed improvement. BUT you have to be consistent in training, put in the time, do the homework, and actively work with your dog. They aren't perfect yet, but they are getting there and worth the effort. We love our dogs and Al and Lisa provided much needed and appreciated support to help us get back on track.

Elisa Gary | Milwaukie

July 30 2012

Lisa always explained how and why to do things. I think I learned just as much as my dog did. We saw great results! He is a completely new dog! The natural techniques were important because I wanted my dog to listen to me always, not just when I have a treat. The experience was very interesting and enjoyable, but also hard work. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters! I have seen more change in my dog than I ever imagined. My dog was VERY wild when we met Lisa, but she had confidence in him and didn't give up. I am very thankful for that.

Renee & Aric Goodin | Milwaukie

June 12 2012

The techniques were simple and easy to understand. By the end of the training we had a completely different dog! He looked so happy and relaxed. This was a great experience! Al, you were so nice and patient...a pleasure to work with. We have worked with different dog trainers. What we appreciated is how Al was teaching us as opposed too making us feel bad for how our dog acts. Some trainers act superior and act "annoyed" with how a dog acts. Thank you for your patience and for teaching and giving me knowledge and confidence. My dog is so much happier and we are too. I haven't met a dog trainer like you, Al. Patient and understanding, kind, helpful and effective!

Natalie Olson | Tigard

June 6 2012

Lisa has done a great job! We are very pleased with the techniques we are learning and realize the consistency on our part is the biggest hurdle. Each visit Bailey is showing improvement. I really like the training collar and the no treat policy. Growling is taking a little getting used to! The training experience has been very interesting to see Bailey's thought process. He is one tired 15 month old pup by the end of each session. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors!

Michelle McRae | Gladstone

June 5 2012

Lisa is excellent at explaining how to accomplish our goals and making it very realistic to achieve. I was amazed at how well our puppies responded. They caught on very quickly and have been making excellent progress. It was very encouraging to have training techniques that could rely on voice tones and body language alone. The time seemed to fly by. Lisa was a joy to work with. I have already recommended Bark Busters to two friends!

Charleen Tyson | Tigard

June 3 2012

Lisa was very easy to work with. She explained things, had us try them, and then explained what could be done a little better. Some of the changes in our dog were immediate - walking to heel, following us through doorways, even getting into his crate! It was eye opening for us when when she explained that when the dog does something wrong, he's not a "bad dog," he just made a mistake! We were excited to learn this "new" way of training and to see the results! (this was a new type of training for us!) I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It was so great to spend time learning new things and then see the results. I could not be happier with the experience! To learn that were were the ones who needed the help and that our dog would then respond was an eye-opener!

Claudia Weinhouse | Beaverton

March 26 2012

Lisa was very thorough and complete in her explanation of the training techniques. She was able to use her "dog powers" to calm down Ellie and I can learn from what she did. It was interesting, fun and Ellie and I both liked the training. On day one, Lisa gave me confidence that I can do this. I had gotten so many differing opinions that I was confused. I have hope this will work. Thanks, Lisa!

Kelly Loykasek | Tigard

March 2 2012

After trying the techniques once or twice, my dog followed thru very well. I saw immediate results. My dog wasn't the same. He listened! I felt empowered and could see how my behavior promoted his bad behavior. The training was very interesting. You learn so much about yourself and your behaviors as well as your dog. Anyone who needs to change the behavior in their dogs will benefit from Bark Busters. I love working with Lisa, she is encouraging and knows how you feel about your canine friends.

Karen & Mike Lane | Milwaukie

February 9 2012

We saw results right away. Our dog really wants to please us, which is great. The training method was so helpful. We learned the best way to communicate with a dog in their own language. I am happy to know that I can always contact Lisa to keep her updated or to ask questions. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters!

Paula Kotchik | Tualatin

January 20 2012

In August 2011 we called Al and Lisa Holzer from Bark Busters to help us with our two year old, Labrador/Beagle mix, named Sparky. He was having issues with jumping up on people, running to the front door when someone knocked and pulling on his leash during walks. Lisa came to our house and taught us techniques to help in each of these areas. The Bark Busters' approach works by not only by training the dogs but the owners as well. It incorporates all family members (including kids) so the training is consistent. After some follow-up visits with Lisa, we were ready to show off Sparky's new behavior when we hosted Thanksgiving for 20+ people at our house. He behaved liked a perfect angel and we have received many compliments on his new calm demeanor. He no longer rushes the front door and there is no issue with jumping up on people. We have had several friends and family members inquire about Sparky's training and we are happy to recommend Al and Lisa!

Stefany Adams | Beaverton

December 23 2011

We are thrilled that our dog Higgins has stopped growling at our puppy Gigi. We like the fact that the training is not food motivated. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. We found that we can now read Higgins' body language to see if he is going to become aggressive. Lisa is awesome!

Tina Lowen | Tigard

October 19 2011

Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Lenny is not a "typical" dog and your natural training techniques are why we contacted you. Thanks for your help. The leash line in the house has helped him remain calm and he's now coming to me when called. And that's just in one day!

Janell Schicker | West Linn

October 11 2011

Velvet is doing great on everything except come and that's because we haven't been working on it. We had friends over the other day and we had them ignore her and she settled down quickly and came over and licked their hands. She is doing very well with sit, stay, free at the door although now and again she sneaks out. Her jumping has greatly reduced (very rare these days and if she does jump it is just once as she knows it is wrong) and she responds well to "Bah". Overall, all is great and the concerns we had are addressed. When we settle down and focus on come we should have a very good dog even though her anxiety is still higher than average. We are pleased and grateful for your help and enjoy our dog much more now. The cost was worth it and my husband now says our training at Petco was a waste of time. We could have spent the same money and a lot more time with their route and still had a poorly behaved dog. Scary thought.

Dr. Melanie Mielke, DMV, Parkway Vet Hospital | Lake Oswego

August 22 2011

Bark Busters was really great and knowledgeable about giving us the tools about how to make sure that my family members and I are the leaders of our household, not our dogs. They had our dogs trained to no longer bark when people come to the front door within 10 minutes! Having the trainers come into your house and the lifetime guarantee they offer are both added conveniences. Al and Lisa are both wonderful people to work with, and come highly recommended.

Angela Fix | Beaverton

April 25 2011

Bark Busters really does provide immediate results. My 1½ year old pit bull was such a fearful reactive dog, I feared taking him out and having people over to my home. With the help of Lisa and sticking to the rules he is a changed dog. Thank you for all that you do.

Kelsey Cearley | Beaverton

April 19 2011

I can't believe within just a few hours our dogs showed so much improvement. Thank you!

Patty & Terry Bittner | West Linn

February 13 2011

Lisa was very thorough in her explanation of the training techniques. It made so much sense and we saw results at the first session. The experience was interesting and enjoyable. Lisa made us feel comfortable with the techniques and we would recommend Bark Busters without hesitation.

Chris & Gary Yarco | West Linn

December 25 2010

Lisa was very thorough and helpful in explaining the training techniques. On every visit, Gipper has made progress. We appreciate the minimal emphasis on food for treats. The experience was interesting and enjoyable. Lisa is very pleasant, patient and kind. We have already recommended Bark Busters to two of our neighbors!

Amanda & Justin Theod | Milwaukie

November 28 2010

Al explained the process very clearly and it was easy for us to understand. Within a few days from starting training, we were very pleased with the results. We really liked the verbal approach instead of being physical. We have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Al is very enjoyable to work with and we are seeing great results with Moose. Worth every penny!

Amanda & Justin Theod | Milwaukie

November 3 2010

This is Amanda & Justin, we met for our first session this last Saturday. We just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how encouraged we have been after our session on Saturday. We have been consistent with Moose in correcting unwanted behaviors and praising good behaviors and what a difference we have seen in Moose! It is amazing, I think Moose is now seeing us as the leaders and the transition has been so quick! Our walks are so much more pleasant and he is starting to unwind indoors. Thank you! We look forward to meeting with you in a couple of weeks.

Carolyn & Jon Kreitz | Lake Oswego

November 3 2010

Good presentation! Lisa answered our questions, especially as they specifically related to our dog. We have used the techniques and have made great progress. The psychology seemed so natural! Certainly it worked with our dog and was fun also. Great results and tools that work. It was fun helping our dog and helped us be better partners. We would recommend Bark Busters because it works-absolutely! Great tools and process...a good investment.

Kristen Winn | Lake Oswego

August 13 2010

Lisa explained the program very well. You could tell she knows dogs and was interested in Violet's training. Violet responded well to the "bah" growl immediately. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques and found that it's as much about owner-training as dog-training. I was very impressed with both the Holzer's response and the overall training.

Patricia Jensen | Wilsonville

July 4 2010

Al, thank you so much for being the kind, caring person you are, and thank you Bark Busters. The afternoon you came, I was ready to take him back to the breeder, as it was my screeching, "Stop, No," water spray, etc. He barked at every human, bike, pet, squirrel. I was at the end of my rope. It's been a year of this, and you realized it, and I'm so thankful to you!!! I had an all-day appointment to figure out my hip pain, and I left him in the kitchen. The neighbor let him out for a half hour on the porch, and NO BARKING!!! I am now calmer, and Sidney is too. Truthfully, I have been a prisoner in my house. I couldn't leave him because of the barking. Not any more. He just barked when someone went by, I corrected him, he stopped and went to sleep in his bed! I am more than grateful to you.

Julie Edwards | Milwaukie

June 12 2010

The immediate results were absolutely incredible. I was pleased with the natural training methods and loved the growling! It was fun to watch the magical transformation in my dog. I have already enthusiastically recommended Bark Busters to everyone I can think of. It is the best program! Magic! I have a totally new dog!

Lynne Renfro | Beaverton

June 9 2010

Verbal/physical demonstrations were excellent, and the flip chart and documents were extremely helpful. There were noticeable results after just the first session! All problem areas but one were pretty much resolved. Bark Busters' techniques make so much more sense than the "treat" method. Al and Lisa were wonderful, and I have already recommended them to both friends and neighbors. The results of training were nothing short of remarkable. Worth every penny. Thank you!

Laura Melancon | West Linn

May 16 2010

Your recent newsletter brought back lots of memories for us, and I just wanted to send you an update on Kennedy. I had 10 people over the other night, and Kennedy did not jump on a single person. Everyone was incredibly impressed with his behavior. He went to a kennel for a weekend and came back with very good reports. He recently walked on a trail for unleashed dogs and followed every command we gave to him. We could not have turned Kennedy into what he is today without your help and support! We appreciate all you have done for us and the several times you returned to continue training with him. We are going to do pet therapy training with him next month, so wish us luck! Even if he doesn't pass the final test, he has turned into a wonderful family pet. Thanks for all you did for us!

Rick & Pam Holt | Beaverton

April 27 2010

Lisa was wonderful! We definitely observed positive results by the end of the first session. The homework makes sense and is easy to implement. We will absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. The training was more than we hoped for!

Jodi Rosenlof | West Linn

March 12 2010

I was amazed how quickly Chance changed his behavior and began listening and responding to my commands! The techniques are very easy to learn, and they work! I love spending training time with Chance, and I feel we are closer now that he respects me as the pack leader. We will definitely recommend Bark Busters in the future and have already to other people. Thank you.

Barbara Macauley | Milwaukie

January 25 2010

Lisa was amazingly patient with us (and also our pack of 4 dogs). She would never get tired of our unending questions. It didn't take much training to see how our dogs responded and understood. The hard part was training us! Lisa patiently worked with us till we got it. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques because they worked. Lisa was very good at explaining to us that we didn't need to use force with our dogs. She is such a motivator! It's nice to have someone who understands. We have already recommended Bark Busters and will continue to do so. Thank you.

Jenn DeFrancesco | West Linn

December 19 2009

Lisa was very clear and all her instructions made sense. I saw very noticeable behavior changes in Beckham. I had a whole new dog after just the first visit! I was very pleased with the natural techniques. It was nice not to use treats -makes it usable in everyday life. The whole experience was very interesting - learning about the whole pack dynamic. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters and have already done so! I wanted to find a training method that worked for my dog, but also one that would keep my dog as part of my family and not "just a dog." I think Bark Busters is the perfect balance!

Kelly Iverson | Beaverton

September 23 2009

Amazing! My dogs responded quickly and I can easily remember the commands. Lisa presented things in a way I didn't think of. The literature that was left behind was very helpful and well written. It was a good review of what Lisa taught while here. Thank you! After 2 and a half years, I had given up and thought that Dudley was untrainable - not so!

Diane Abernathy | Lake Oswego

August 29 2009

Lisa was great. We felt very comfortable and well educated. Oscar was in the crate crying, but after Lisa showed us how to quiet and reward Oscar by letting her out when quiet, it was a huge relief. Oscar had been suffering from separation problems. After the very first visit with Lisa, it was corrected. Excellent! The training experience was great. I have already recommended Bark Busters and am looking forward to having a well loved, well behaved member of our family forever.

Kimberly Christiansen | Lake Oswego

August 4 2009

The techniques are intuitive and simple. Lisa's explanations were clear and she reiterated when I asked her to. Sammy was attacking my boyfriend and was very aggressive with other people, but immediately after our 1st session, he was so easy to control! I love that there's no laying-on of hands or bribes involved...just straight forward training. It was very interesting, I could have spent all day with Lisa talking about training. I would recommend this company to anyone who wanted to learn how to train their dog - very, very effective! I was incredibly impressed with this program. My dogs are totally different after just one session. I'm now confident that I have the tools to be a good, firm and loving pack leader! Thank you!

Kristy Musalo | West Linn

July 24 2009

Explaining, then demonstrating the training techniques worked well. We definitely saw noticeable results by the end of the session. And we love the "no treats needed" aspect. We really appreciated Lisa's upbeat and positive attitude. We like how the techniques can be modified to fit the needs or our young dog. The training has really improved our relationship with our dog - we understand her and she understands us.

Jennifer and Waleed Lutfiyya | Tigard

July 24 2009

Lisa was very focused, gave us specific steps, and explained the training well. It was easy to remember and repeat. She was very patient and allowed multiple practice sessions until we were comfortable and our dog consistently demonstrated the desired result. We were really pleased with the natural methods used. It's easy for the owner to use and the dog to understand. Very simple techniques, but VERY effective. Lisa was wonderful! Very patient and created an environment that was non-threatening, comfortable and easy to learn. Bark Busters is worth the extra expense. We liked having the one-on-one time and the focus to be on our specific issues and needs. We will definitely recommend this service to friends and family!

Shawn Bunkers | Lake Oswego

July 24 2009

You need to act like a dog...to get through to a dog. I have no problem doing that. (ha-ha) We saw immediate results - no more jumping on people - that was awesome! The training takes a lot of time, patience and practice, but it works! We found the whole thing very interesting and enjoyable and it's great to know it's a lifetime guaranteed training. Thank you.

Theresa and Anothony Micallef | Oregon City

July 7 2009

Al explained the techniques very well and in a way that the whole family understood. I saw a big change in "Torque" after the first visit and it continued ever since. I love the fact that I don't have to use treats. The whole experience has been wonderful! Would we recommend Bark Busters? Yes, Yes, Yes! This has helped to change our pack dynamics and the dogs are no longer the pack leaders...we are!

Mike and Anne Leavens | Milwaukie

June 23 2009

Al gave us a very clear explanation of the training techniques. We certainly observed immediate results and now, as the dog owners, we just need to continue working with Karma. We thought Bark Busters was very professional and well worth the money!

Julie Dailey | Milwaukie

June 23 2009

The one-on-one training is invaluable to getting good results. I really enjoyed Lisa. She is clear and consistent and open to questions. I feel she enjoys her work. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters!

Peggy Septer | Oregon City

April 14 2009

I am on a lot of pain meds and have trouble concentrating. Lisa called a time-out, and I was able to go lie down for 15-20 minutes in the middle of our session. I felt so much better and really was able to get a lot out of the rest of the lesson. A neighbor came to the door after Lisa left and Razcul was barking. I growled Bah and used a training aid, then he came over, stopped barking and sat by me. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques. Being physical is not an option -- quick jerks on check collars is not something I can physically do. I am a former horse trainer, and body language and voice tones are important there, too. Learning how dogs think was very informative. I was astounded with how much time Lisa allowed for getting to know both me and my dog. I am disabled and suffer from depression, so my dog thought -- and was right -- that he was the pack leader. Now I have a much better understanding of how to be a dog leader now! Thanks!

Bonnie Nusser | Tigard

March 27 2009

Lisa spent time explaining the training process and how our dog, Ellie, relates to us. By the end of the training, Ellie knew she had to pay attention to our directions. She appeared willing to learn. We were pleased with the natural training techniques -- no bribing, i.e., treats! ~ It was strictly behavior modification. The training was both interesting and enjoyable and nothing like I had guessed or imagined! Lisa is great. We look forward to working with Ellie and hopefully we will continue to show positive results upon her return. We will absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors.

Sheila and Ian Kyles | West Linn

March 13 2009

Lisa was very helpful and showed us any easy way to train Callie. We definitely saw noticeable results by the end of the training session. It was very easy to follow -- even our 9-year-old can help train! The training experience was both interesting and enjoyable and the time flew by. We really enjoyed Lisa and Al was very organized and helpful on the phone. Would we recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors? Yes, Yes and Yes!

Krissy and David Fillis | Oregon City

March 13 2009

Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We were very impressed with all that she knew! We were very pleased with the natural training techniques and love the way our dog responded. We have already recommended Al and Lisa to our friends.

Andrea Platt Dyal | Lake Oswego

March 13 2009

The training techniques were explained in a way that was very clear, concise and compelling. My kids could follow, which was very important to us. Lisa is a natural teacher and dog therapist. I am so glad to have found her and Bark Busters!

Janice Richards | Beaverton

February 21 2009

Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. She had alternate corrections that could be used in addition to the main correction if needed. We saw immediate results by the end of the session and were pleased that no heavy handed training practices were used. We had used Bark Busters for our older dog who had issues before we got her. Now that we have a puppy we came back to Bark Busters because we had such good success in training our older dog.